Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Co.

Represents the bountiful harvest California has to offer and the proud Sacramento history we continue to shape today. We love our city, and we love our state.

We are located at 1630 S Street in Midtown Sacramento, CA.
Parking Info:

“S” Street Between 16th & 18th
“T” Street Between 16th & 18th
“R” Street thru “U” Street on 16th thru 18th
ON “R” between 15th & 16th
If you download the PARK MOBILE app, you can monitor the meter parking on your phone!

While looking into Sacramento’s past,

we found that the Industrial Revolution was a fundamental time of change in the region. Steam boats pumped up and down the Sacramento River, and the Nation’s first Transcontinental Railroad was nearing completion. This period of bustling commerce and innovation helped lay the foundation of our city. During the year of 1850, a series of fires destroyed much of the city of Sacramento.

A volunteer group, "The Mutual Hook and Ladder Company," assembled to help rebuild and prevent future disasters.

We aim to rejuvenate

the historic space at 17th & S streets by celebrating this time of industry and growth. Our goal is to build upon our city commerce and contribute to Sacramento’s future. We embrace local farms, ranches, breweries and wineries in both our kitchen and our bar. We've also brought in the finest chefs, bartenders and serving staff to provide an exceptional customer experience that demonstrates our hometown pride. Come visit us and let us show you our vision.